The view that an important physicist’s positive attitude towards a religion proves the truth of that religion, or at least the truth of the statement that there is no contradiction between science and religion, is false. It is the classical (and fallacious) argumentum ad hominem, which is encountered in a vulgar form, for example, if one rejects a view just because the person expressing it is disreputable. However, even a homeless person can be correct about a specific issue while an educated and highly-placed man may be wrong. The truth is reached only by logic and not by a person’s reputation. There is a priori no definite correlation between a person’s circumstances and the truth of the statements he makes. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know what great scientists thought about religion at different times. Modern readers will be obviously interested mostly in the views of modern scientists. Čítaj ďalej

Criticism of religion from the viewpoint of the science

Dispute about Religion, Science and Ideology


Then I perceived that wisdom is more profitable than folly,
as light is more profitable than darkness.
Ecclesiastes 2, 13


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Truth and Belief


Let us analyse the fundamental problem of all disputes between theists and atheists – the problem of god’s existence. The starting point is quite simple, because there are only two possibilities: either a god exists or he does not. It is evident that if one prooves that a god exists, it is not necessary to prove that it is not true that a god does not exist and vice versa, since both statements are equivalent. We are thus facing a well-posed question: which one of the two statements, “a god exists” and “no god exists”, is true. Quite different is the question which proof is easier and in disputes the most important question is who should prove what. Čítaj ďalej